Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mofo Post #6 Jealous Much?

Look at this giant box of vegan sweets! I got it for my birthday from my flat mate. It's mine. mine, mine I tell you!

Appropriately its name is Jealous. It's full of yummy jelly sweets; gummy bears, sour worms, fruit cocktails and sugared bears. These sweets don't contain any gelatine so are 100% suitable for vegans.

The sweets are much tastier than the normal kind (if memory serves) and they taste much more fruity.

I believe Emma got them from Selfridges in London but you can also get them online. Perfect for the sweet toothed vegan in your life!


  1. Oooh I have seen these in Selfrdiges ( I even took a photo of them with my phone for future ref!), Perhaps I should treat myself?!

  2. You definitely should, they're really nice and you get loads in the box!