Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mofo Post #12 Macaroni Cheat

The red stuff is Chipotle Tobasco - can't get enough!
Last week I was the lucky winner in a Vegusto giveaway on the Vegan Month Of Food site.

Vegusto sent me one of their starter kits which contained a variety of vegan cheeses and meat substitutes.

All this for free!
Having just arrived home after a long journey on the Megabus from Leeds I was in no mood to cook so I was delighted to find a sachet of No-Muh Sauce in the parcel and set about making macaroni cheese.

I had been wanting to try Vegusto products for a long time. I'd heard about them in Twitter and in Blogs but never found their stuff in the shops. Even though all the other vegan cheeses I'd tried weren't even worth writing about (who wants to read about my theory that certain vegan cheeses are made from the scrapings of human feet?) I had a feeling that a dozen vegan bloggers couldn't be wrong about Vegusto, especially the ones who said their Omnivore partners ate it too.

The sauce was very creamy and cheesy tasting. Admittedly it had that kind of sauce-out-of-a packet feel to it, but I'm not complaining. My dinner was ready in minutes and I was hungry!

While the pasta was cooking I had a little nibble on the two vegan cheeses they sent me. The first thing I noticed was that they were a little greasy which is good because it's cheese, it should have some fat in it! Next I snipped open the vacuum-pack to find that it actually smelled like cheese! It definitely tasted decidedly cheesy too, I can't say it tasted particularly like a specific type of cheese, but Vegusto don't brand it that way. The texture was comparable to Double Gloucester.

Now as for melting on the top of my macaroni cheese, no. That didn't happen. I think with vegan cheeses you get ones that melt and ones that you can eat uncooked, but you don't tend to get both qualities in one vegan cheese product.

The macaroni cheese dish I cooked using the Vegusto products was pretty good. I'd probably recommend it to people who like quick and easy food and who don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, but for me personally, I'm still going to be soaking the cashews when I want a cheese sauce for my meal.

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