Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mofo Post # 2 - Mezze Lunch

I got the shock of my life (slight exaggeration) this lunch time when I checked my blog stats. One minute I had about 9 people from the UK looking at my blog and then when I refreshed the page at 1pm which I believe is 8am in parts of the USA I had 201 American readers on my blog.

Hello Vegan Mofo'ers!

I've already been trying to work my way through the blog roll although it'll take me the whole month to check out all of the blogs. I decided to work my backwards alphabetically because my last name begins with W so I was at the end of every list from primary school to university. I even found a blog in Spanish which I'm trying to read - I understand the ingredients but don't know whether she's talking about today, yesterday or doing something right now...oh well.

This month is a busy month for me. Not only have I signed up for Vegan Month of Food I'm also launching Housebites Lunches this week. I already work as a vegan takeaway chef in my own home in the evenings and this week I've started doing lunches.

The lunches are a mixture of hot meals, salad boxes and sandwiches. One of my salad boxes is a Mezze box although I've pictured it on a plate here, because this is my lunch! In the box you get homemade falafel, hummus, tabouleh, salad, grilled vegetables, pitta bread and olives. I tried to base my menu on the kind of thing I would like for lunch. When I worked in an office my options were quite limited as the amazing veggie canteen across the road was closed all summer.

I'd love to get more lunch ideas. Tell me what you would have for lunch if you could get vegan lunches delivered to your desk at work!


  1. And you know what's really crazy? You're actually getting a lot more readers than you can tell because people like me just read through the feed on the Vegan Mofo page rather than suscribing in some way.

  2. Let me tell you, I would like this lunch delivered to my belly right about now! ;)

  3. This is the most beautiful lunch ever... I would be stoked to open my lunch box and discover this one day!

  4. Can you come and make me my lunch?
    My lunch is always dull (thanks to my own lazyness), this looks SO good!