Friday, 26 October 2012

Mofo Post #13 Vegusto Cheese

I've been a bad MoFO! (Maybe I'll get a wallet that says so like in Pulp Fiction) This is my first post in ages. Lots of catching up to do....

Having been lucky enough to win a box of Vegusto products I thought I'd tell you about their cheese.

When I anticipated the arrival of my Vegusto parcel I was imagining some big kind of cheese fest, including cheese sandwiches, cheese on toast, cheese on cheese - you get the picture.

As soon as I tried the vegusto cheese I knew it was different to all the other vegan cheeses I'd tried, I haven't tried lots, maybe about 3 different brands. The first two didn't taste or smell like cheese at all and in my humble opinion weren't even fit for human consumption. The third brand I tried was very buttery tasting and melted a treat but didn't taste of cheese and the more I ate it the more I didn't like it and eventually I threw my dinner away.

The fact that I made a whole meal out of Vegusto sauce and cheese and ate all of it, already means that it is a hundred times better than any vegan cheese I have tasted so far.

However, when you compare it directly to cheese it doesn't really cut it. Before becoming vegan I was massively into cheese. Stinky, blue, goat, ewe whatever I'd eat it. The only cheese I didn't like was processed cheeses like that weird stuff on hamburgers and cheese strings and the kind of cheese you get in American supermarkets made by craft that are pale orange and a bit waxy. I guess the Vegusto cheese reminds me a bit of that kind of cheese. I was happy to buy it when I was stranded on a summer camp, but wouldn't buy it in real life.

The other thing about the Vegusto cheese I tried were that they didn't melt. So my plans for cheese on everything were blighted by this fact. You can see how my cheese on toast turned out. Unfortunately it doesn't even look like it went under the grill. I covered it in Henderson's Relish (a lovely sauce that tastes just like Worcester sauce but with out the anchovies) and weirdly the cheese soaked up the sauce.

I'll finish my saying that Vegusto definitely make vegan cheese that is far superior to other leading brands, but it doesn't fill the cheese shaped hole in my stomach!

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