Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mofo Post #11 Easy Vegan Pizza

Since I've been vegan I've had to do a bit more planning when I go away. I don't expect everyone to cook vegan food for me the whole time I stay with them so I tend to ask them what they're planning on eating and try to fit in as best as I can.

When my sister said she was planning on buying in some pre-prepared pizzas I was slightly stumped. I've never seen a vegan pizza for sale in the supermarket and I definitely didn't have time to make one. If you've seen my previous vegan pizza post you'll know why, everything is from scratch, even the cheese!

Before I left I decided to see if Miyoko Schinner could help me out. I've had her book Artisan Vegan Cheese in my possession for a few weeks and haven't done anything with it yet because the aged vegan cheeses are a long process and I've been a bit busy, but I knew there were some 'Almost Instant Cheeses' in the book which I could make. Based on quickness and readily available ingredients I chose her Almond Ricotta recipe. All you have to do is soak 2 cups of almonds in water overnight and then in the morning whizz them in the food processor with a cup of water and some salt.

The result is something which has a very authentic ricotta texture. It's a little bland but so is ricotta, so it makes for a very versatile ingredient.

I mixed my ricotta with spinach so I could put it on my pizza. I managed to find a pizza base from Morrisson's, bought a jar of pizza sauce (I know I'm such a rebel!) and I added a veggie sausage and jalapeƱos to add a bit of was a rushed job, kind of a mash-up between a Fiorentina and an American Hot but for the sake of not fussing and trying to be a fairly low maintenance house guest - it worked!

The pizza was pretty good, obviously not as good as a fully homemade one. The best thing about it was the discovery of vegan ricotta which, mixed with spinach will be perfect for cannelloni!  

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